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CADSI provides a wide range of services in the fields of international healthcare and social welfare. Listed below are examples of consulting services that can be provided. We urge you to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

International Medical Services in TAIWAN
facilitates world class, high quality and affordable medical treatment and healthcare tourism in Taiwan.  We serve as a gateway to high quality medical/healthcare services in Taiwan
• JCI-accredited and other internationally renewed medical centers
• Low cost, high quality comprehensive Medical, Surgical, Dental, Healthcare    services
• Consultation, program development and coordination
• Facilitation between patients-clients and service providers

For general inquiries and/or free initial consultation, please contact us by e-mail.

Healthcare Management Consulting
… serving hospitals and government healthcare agencies.
• Strategic & Operational Planning Process
• Operational Reviews and Assessment
• Facility Management
• Hospital Accreditation Preparation
• Issue Management
• Clinical Protocol and Guidelines
• National and Local Health Strategies
• National Health Insurance Programs

Health Information System
... including computer systems for hospitals and government healthcare agencies.
• Health Information Management Strategy
• Hospital / Patient Care Information System
• System Development and Project Management
• Quality Assurance in System Development
• Policy Development and Decision Support System
• Information Protection and System Security
• Web-based Consumer Health Information System

Clinical Care Program Development & Service Delivery
... deployment of management and/or clinical consulting teams to host country.
• Needs Assessment
• Program Development and Management
• Process Assessment & Reengineering
• Optional Training in Canadian Hospital or Research Setting

Lifestyle Retirement Community Development
… serving organizations who wish to develop secure, high quality housing facilities with comprehensive programming in caring for the elderly.
• Conceptual Design
• Functional Analysis
• Program Development
• Management Operations
• Professional Development Program in Geriatric Care

Social Services & NPO Development
… serving both non-profit organizations and government administrative agencies in social services.
• Strategic Planning
• Organizational Development
• Marketing Strategic Development

Facilitation of Contract Negotiation
… serving non-English speaking organizations in acquiring medical/healthcare technology in English speaking countries and providing consulting services to healthcare organizations moving into the non-English speaking market.
• Contract Negotiation Strategies
• Intelligence Gathering & Analysis
• Negotiation Representation

More Services...
Professional Training & Education
Socioeconomic Development
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