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CADSI provides a wide range of professional and educational services. Our team recognizes that the needs of our clients are diverse and unique. We consult and collaborate with our clients closely in all phases throughout projects. Listed below are only some examples of our services in professional training and education. We urge you to contact us to discuss your specific needs.
Nursing College Development
… collaborating with organizations wishing to establish nursing educational programs with North American standards and curriculum.
• Program Development
• International Curriculum and Faculty
• Organizational Development
• Faculty & Students Exchange

International Graduate Nursing Training
… serving organizations in developing special professional training programs for graduate nurses seeking certification and employment in Canada or the United States.
• Program Development
• Curriculum and Faculty
• Certificate of Completion

Professional Study Tours
… providing learning opportunities through interacting with experts in healthcare and social services fields and visiting established facilities in Canada with optional sightseeing activities.
• Program Development and Design
• Presentations and Site Visits
• Diverse Clinical and Management Subject Areas
• Itinerary and Coordination
• Optional Interpretation Services

Healthcare Executive English Program
… serving healthcare professionals who wish to use English as a second language in international health activities, e.g. healthcare conferences and symposiums.
• Medical and Healthcare Management English
• Customized Curriculum to Suit Specific Client Needs
• Certified ESL Instructor
• Adult ESL Education Approach
• Optional Study Tour Component

Short Term Fellowship Program
... serving clinicians who wish to gain practical experience in a Canadian hospital or research environment with customized study plans.
• Customized Curriculum Based on Individual Needs
• Clinical Disciplines
• Healthcare Management Subjects
• Certificate of Completion

Research Information Collection & Analysis
...this is a specially customized information collection and analysis service in support of research projects.
•Based on speicific research requirements, CADSI analysts will conduct information search, collection, summarization and report, covering a wide range of subjects in healthcare management, social services and public administration.
•Journal article manuscript editing done by native English speakers, college/university level faculty members.

Executive Hospital Management Program
... collaborating with healthcare organizations and/or educational institutions to provide short term, focused and practical management courses, including e-Learning programming.
• Customized Curriculum
• International Faculty
• Optional Canadian Study Tour Component

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Healthcare and Social Services
Socioeconomic Development
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